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Welcome to the That's The Way It Is! website - a site developed for the 25 year reunion celebrated in December 2002.

That's The Way It Is! was an "outrageous rock and roll musical" written in 1977 by then 20 year olds Calvin DeGrey and Roddy Lee.

The musical was staged in December 1977 at the Newtown Rules Club in Surry Hills and May - July 1978 at The 269 Playhouse (formerly The Independent Theatre) in North Sydney.

Both productions called for a cast of over twenty - and an equal number of stage, lighting, sound, makeup and front of house crew.

This site has a few memories for the people involved with these productions plus some interesting grabs from life in Sydney in the late 1970s.

Click on memorabilia if you wish to see cast and crew details, photos and archival press clippings from both the 1977 and 1978 seasons.

There's the 1976 - 1978 Dateline - a timeline from early 1977 through to, and beyond, the end of the 1978 season. Your feedback on content in this page would be greatly appreciated - particularly if you have additions or alterations.

Thanks for visiting our site today - visit again soon - you owe it to yourself!!

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